Want Your Forklift To Live Long And Prosper? Keep These 4 Things In Mind

forklift repair servicesThe oft-used, unsung heavy lifters in the warehouse, forklifts take a pretty good beating. They're meant to last and be durable for their respective jobs, but the machines are far from invincible.

They're also really nice to have around and keep healthy. Think about it, when you -- a human -- lift a 10-kilogram box, you're putting 180 kilograms of strain on your spine. Do you know what's more difficult, expensive, and painful than forklift repair services and parts replacement? Spinal injuries and the parts/services associated. Can't argue with that logic.

Keep your back healthy by keeping your forklift healthy; watch out for these common issues.

  • Tires: All things considered, the burden of weight you're having hauled around your warehouse sits on the tires of a forklift. The foundation of the vehicle itself, the tires require attention to ensure that the foundations of your forklifts are stable. Don't let tire repair and replacement slide.
  • Electronics and fluids: This speaks to equipment expertise and is a more consistent checkup that needs to occur. By keeping tabs on fluid levels and electronic problems, it's easier to schedule more preventative maintenance rather than having several things malfunction simultaneously.
  • Forklift operator: No, you can't repair your operators, that would be silly. However, you can make sure they're up to date on their operational training. Keeping drivers sharp is important to the longevity of your machines and the safety of your warehouse personnel/products.
  • Warehouse surroundings: A large part of forklift repair services are caused by the places people operate their forklifts. Depending on the forklift type/models you're working with, they're made for different job types. If your job site terrain is too intense for a forklift, you'll see it deteriorate faster. If your forklift is built for heavy duty terrain but is stuck in a smooth warehouse, it's not being fully utilized. For optimum performance, your lifts should match the surroundings they're expected to work in.

Keep your forklifts, personnel, and workspaces in good shape. Responsible attention to these details on an ongoing basis will ensure forklift repair services are needed less and less often. That little bit of consistent attention means less time in the shop and more time on the job.

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