Forklift Repair Services: Eight Key Points

forklift repair services

Companies that deal with a lot of freight will be using forklifts. Moving merchandise through a warehouse is just one example of how forklifts are used. From parts replacements to loading dock repair, forklift repair services help make sure that business keep moving. Consider these eight key points If you are looking for forklift repair services

1. Safety

This is a primary concern when considering forklift repair services. Check and see if the repair service is OSHA approved. Do they follow OSHA policies? Although a forklift does not travel very fast, it carries an incredible amount of weight. For instance, loads of up to 50 tons can be carried by a heavy-duty forklift. Clearly, safety is an overriding point to consider.

2. Hourly Rate

When considering forklift repair services, find out about their hourly rate charges. Is it a sliding scale? Is there an upfront deposit required? What kind of guarantee do they provide for you?

3. Time Needed for Repairs

Since forklifts are such a complex piece of heavy-duty equipment, it will be necessary to allocate a certain amount of time for forklift repairs. Ask the company what their time frame is for their repair service. Is it realistic or are they usually behind? You need to plan accordingly.

4. Location of Repair Service

It's not going to do you much good if the forklift repair service that you're considering will require you to transport your machinery a long distance from where your business is located. Will they come to your place of business? Do they provide the option of a loaner for you?

5. Backlog of Service Customers

Find out how far along they are on their service customer schedule. Are they right up-to-date? Are they running behind? If so how long? Each day you are without your forklift machinery is a day that your business will not be as profitable as it should be. So be sure and check this out at the beginning. 

6. Scope of Service

Make sure that they handle the makes and models of your machinery that will need to be serviced. Inquire about follow-up service on your machinery, as well. Also, find out if all the mechanics are on staff and in-house? Or are there substitutes in the shop, too? What kind of experience do they have?

7. List of Satisfied Customers

Request that the equipment specialist you are considering provides you with a list of satisfied customers. Let them know you are going to contact them and find out about the reviews of the forklift repair services that have been provided to them by this company.

8. Years in Business

Talk to the owner, if possible. Find out how long the repair service you're thinking about using has been in business. Even if they are relatively new, they could be fantastic. If they have been around for a long time, that might be very good also. But it doesn't necessarily mean they're great; for instance, they might not have had any competition. It also could mean that they are ready to retire. You probably want to find a shop that you can stay with for a while. So, ask around and talk to as many folks as possible. Check out the repair shop you’re considering and find out the big picture about how this business is being run. How has it been run in the past, and where does the owner plan on having it go in the future?

Equipment specialists are key factor in making sure that your forklift repair services are done safely, correctly and efficiently. When you find a good repair shop for your equipment, freight will keep getting transported through your warehouse and your business will keep moving along.

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