Fire Door Drop Testing

DASMA & NFPA Compliance Annual Drop Test Requirement

The Fire Marshal Cometh! Be prepared.

Local fire marshals enforce National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards which require building owners and their commercial tenants to have their rolling and sliding fire doors inspected and tested annually, and to maintain written documentation of those inspections.

Accurate Lift Trucks Fire Door Drop Test program helps building owners and commercial tenants in compliance with the most recent NFPA 80 standards, while maintaining the proper operation and full functioning of your buildings rolling and sliding fire doors.

Our technicians perform a visual and operational inspection, testing and certification of your fire doors so they meet NFPA 80 requirements and local fire code requirements. Once we determine your fire door is in compliance, a "Fire Door Certification Tag" is attached to each fire door indicating the date the fire door was inspected, tested and passed.

A copy of your Fire Door Inspection and Drop Test results are kept in our company's records in case of an emergency or any compliance questions. We give you a courtesy call once a year to schedule your Fire Door Inspection and Drop Test service to ensure your fire doors are kept in compliance.