To Our Valued Customers:

At Accurate Lift Truck, Inc, we are committed to our mission in direct support of critical supply chain functions. We are performing both breakdown repairs, quoted and previously scheduled jobs as well as preventive maintenance. Our technicians and staff are continuing to work, despite the personal risk in order to do our part to perform critical supply chain functions.

We understand that during this outbreak some customers may be reluctant to grant access buildings and facilities. We are advising customers to continue both breakdown repairs and preventive maintenance. Accidents happen more frequently during stressful and busy times. Performing preventative maintenance and safety checks on schedule is critical. If a mishap occurs customers should be prepared for any OSHA or compliance inspections with up to date maintenance and safety records.

In order to make it safe for you and us when entering your facilities we’ve implemented the following practices:

1. All maintenance and repair functions that can be performed outdoors, will be.

2. All technicians are equipped with sanitizers and disinfectant spray to spray down equipment before and after repairs and maintenance are completed.

3. All technicians have been instructed, when performing repairs and maintenance indoors or outdoors to cordon off an area around their work area with cones providing a minimum of six feet of distancing to meet current social distancing standards.

4. Our technicians have been supplied with gloves and other personal protection items in full compliance with all public health directives.

5. We’ve instituted hands off parts pickup and drop off procedures. Parts are sanitized when they arrive and depart our facilities and we are using pickup drop points as opposed to hand-to-hand transfers to resupply technicians.

6. As mentioned in the previous email we’ve hired professional cleaners to continuously clean and sanitize our facilities.

7. We’ve suspended the requirement for customers to personally sign iPads and paperwork. We will continue to provide explanations of repairs and answer questionsvia the phone, email or a proper distance when at your facility.

Please know that none of our service representatives or personnel has tested positive for Covid 19, had exposure to Covid 19 or has travelled outside the country in the last three months.

The Accurate Management Team.

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