Common Forklift Accessories Your Warehouse Needs

You may think that owning or renting quality forklifts is enough to run a successful and efficient warehouse. However, there is much more to transporting and organizing products than having a few good machines and forklift operators with equipment expertise. Surprisingly, there is a vast array of forklift accessories and attachments that make accomplishing lifting and moving tasks even more efficient.

Think your forklifts might need an upgrade, or looking for parts replacement? Here are just a few common attachments and accessories that can be customized to your company's specific needs:

Common Forklift Attachments

Fork Positioners

Fork positioners let the tines of the fork move horizontally, either closer together or further apart. This feature makes it easier for operators to adjust the fork to different-sized pallets.

Side Shifters

Similar to positioners, sideshifters allow both tines to move horizontally. However, rather than opening or closing, sideshifters allow both tines to move left or right without changing their separation. This feature allows the operator to pick up a pallet to the left or right without having to adjust the position of the entire forklift.

Fork Rotators

Fork rotators allow the plane of the tines to turn in either direction, which allows for the repositioning or dumping of lopsided pallets.


Clamps are incredibly useful for gripping and lifting loads that cannot be stacked on pallets. Drum clamps, pipe clamps, and bale clamps are just a few clamp styles that allow operators to securely handle different load shapes and sizes.

Tire Options

Different warehouse floors and product environments require different tires. Here are just a few examples:

Solid Pneumatic Tires

Made of solid rubber, these tires are the most common style and are popular for indoor-outdoor applications because of their high durability.

Air-Filled Pneumatic Tires

These tires are inflated much like a truck or car's and have a deep tread ideal for outdoor terrain.

Cushion Tires

These tires are made of solid rubber directly pressed on the wheel. They sit low to the ground and have a smaller turning radius, which makes them ideal for navigating tight indoor spaces.

Ergonomics and Safety

Completing lifting tasks efficiently is not the only reason to purchase different forklift accessories-- consider the comfort and safety of operators as well. Injuries caused by forklifts make up about 10% of all injuries that happen in warehouses and factories, so be sure your equipment has the necessary safety components. Backup alarms can help prevent accidents, and adjustable cushioned seats can keep workers agreeable and focused all day.

Professional Equipment Expertise

If you're looking for quality forklifts or forklift repair services in the New Jersey area, contact Accurate Lift today. Accurate Lift has the forklift equipment expertise your business needs to get the job done.

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